Gas Fuels Convenient Store Marshfield Wisconsin


Two of the Weiler Convenience Store locations feature car washes with multiple cleaning options. You can choose either a touchless car wash that uses high pressure water jets to ensure a thorough cleaning or a soft cloth car wash that uses microfiber brushes to provide a deep clean that leaves your vehicle looking better than ever!

Year-Round Specials Include:
  • $1 Off a Car Wash With A Fuel Purchase Totaling $10 or More
  • 25 Premium Washes For $150 (Savings of $50)
  • 10 Super Washes For $80 (Savings of $20)
  • 10 Deluxe Washes For $100 (Savings of $20)
  • 10 Lava World Washes For $130 (Savings of $20)

Visa, Mastercard, Tokens, & Cash Accepted